Georg, Elisabeth and Albert Reith lease a Wolnzacher workshop on July 1 on the former Jindrich estate and found an OHG. They become an area and authorized dealer for EICHER tractors and agricultural machinery.


The newly formed Gebr. Reith OHG moved to the Ingolstädterstraße because the small workshop no longer meets the requirements of the growing customer base. The property already covers 16600 m2, to be built on the workshop, office building and warehouse.


A second pillar is added: the dealer for sales and maintenance of BMW vehicles


The second tractor brand JOHN DEERE will be added.


Company owner Georg Reith crashes on 22 May in a traffic accident.


On June 28, a completely new BMW dealership will be opened on the property.


A parallel-guided intermediate-unit for hop care is developed by the Gebr. Reith OHG and presented to the public.


Company owner Albert Reith dies on May 31, 8 years after his brother. The second generation, the current company owners, take over the management of the OHG. The company is initially owned by Albert Reith Jr. which is driving forward the expansion of the dealership and, under its forward-looking planning, is moving to the exclusive JOHN DEERE dealer.


The first JOHN DEERE hop tractors of the 50 series are presented. They enjoy great popularity, which helps the dealer to an ever greater upswing.


The company is shared at management level: Albert Reith jr. takes over the management of agricultural machinery, Georg Reith jr. takes over the car dealership.

1991 / 1992

A new exhibition hall for new and used agricultural machinery has to be built due to the huge customer demand. The spare parts warehouse will also be enlarged and, in the course of the renovation, a self-service shop will be created..


This is followed by a new JOHN DEERE hop tractor generation of the 6000 series.


The successful hop tractors of the 50 series are replaced by the 3000 series.


The 40th anniversary of the Gebr. Reith OHG is celebrated, while at the same time the new Reith hop rectangular baler with Siemens weighing device is presented.


With the new millennium, an era comes to an end: the Gebr. Reith OHG is divided for the first of the new millennium. The result is Reith Landtechnik GmbH & Co. KG and Autohaus Reith GmbH & Co. KG.


The new 5020 hop tractors are introduced. The frame construction and the 4-speed powershift transmission are the special feature of these plantation tractors.


A 64kW photovoltaic roof system will be installed.

2005 / 2006

Presentation of the homepage award by the editors of Agrartechnik.


On the 1st of July the 50th anniversary of Reith Landtechnik will be celebrated. Presentation of the new hop tractor series 6030 Premium.


The new JD 5R series replaces the 5020 series. The new 5R hop tractor series is introduced


The next generation Albert III. is on board after successfully passing the master's examination in agricultural machinery and after completing his studies in the US to become a Bachelor of Business Administration. The new JD 6R series replaces the 6030 series. The new 6R hop tractor series is introduced


Opening of the new store Reith Landtechnik in 86637 Binswangen


This year, 3 new branches will be opened:

Reith Landtechnik in 93354 Siegenburg

Reith Landtechnik in 86462 Langweid a. Lech (move from Binswangen to Langweid)

Reith agricultural engineering in 86564 fountain

The number of employees is growing from the original 25 to a total of 65


The spring exhibition celebrates the 60th anniversary of Reith Landtechnik. Presentation of the new 5R hop tractor series at the Gallimarkt in Mainburg